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OneID Join Forces With Ramper Wallet To Simplify Users Journey In Web3 Space At Its Best

The digital landscape is rapidly evolving, with Web3 technologies offering unprecedented opportunities for users to engage in the decentralized and open economy. In light of this, OneID and Ramper Wallet have joined forces to create a seamless and powerful collaboration that aims to simplify users' experience when exploring Web3.
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Published Dec 27 2023
Updated Dec 27 2023
2 min read

From the beginning, OneID has embarked on a journey to empower our users to unlock the infinite potential of the digital world in the most optimal way possible. To ensure that this remains our core focus and that more people can access the benefits we offer, OneID is constantly reaching out to partners who share our vision. More routes are being prepared for users to explore the digital realm.

Ramper Wallet stands as the go-to digital channel for transitioning from Web2 to Web3. With a mission to “empower progress”, it provides DeFi infrastructure & loyalty solutions for businesses & communities. Talking about the product strength, Ramper Wallet offers our users convenience with lightning-fast social login, accessibility across multiple blockchains, and a seamlessly intuitive user interface, making the easiest steps ever to Web 3 and the cryptocurrency world. OneID's commitment to simplifying access to diverse networks and managing Web3 identities is complemented by Ramper Wallet's dedication to providing users with convenience and accessibility.

The integration enables Ramper to leverage OneID Services, granting access to 80+ chains of Linked Wallet through ID Name. This eliminates the need for users to concern themselves with various chains and addresses. As a result, Ramper’s users can relish a streamlined experience when managing their assets or making transactions. With OneID's comprehensive digital identity solution, an additional layer of convenience is brought to enhance the user experience on Ramper.

The partnership between OneID and Ramper Wallet represents a significant step forward in simplifying Web3 identity and access, empowering users to navigate the open economy effortlessly and securely. With a strong focus on convenient access, and advanced security, this collaboration sets the stage for a promising future in the Web3 landscape.

Explore and enjoy OneID utilities on your Ramper Wallet

Firstly, users need to Link your wallet to your ID to have it shown on Ramper. 

To get started, access OneID's website: and then connect with the wallet used for registering your ID first.

For details on how to Link your wallet, you could watch this video or read this docs.


Get your ID now and enjoy sending-receiving tokens with peace of mind thanks to OneID on Ramper.

About Ramper Wallet

Ramper stands as the go-to digital channel for transitioning from Web 2 to Web 3. With a mission to 'empower progress,' it provides DeFi infrastructure and loyalty solutions for businesses and communities, enabling them to access and flourish in the open economy. With a forward-thinking vision, Ramper embraces the power of web3 utilities to fuel the growth of value within communities, encouraging bold and borderless creativity in humans.  

Initially developed by a high-profile team with backgrounds from Tesla, Facebook, Uber, Apple, and Google, Ramper was constructed and continues to be built for its speed, security, and reliability.

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About OneID

OneID is your universal identity to the digital world, offering a unified multichain identity across 80+ blockchains. In addition, our OneID SDK & API empowers developers to build on-chain identities with ease. We're committed to simplifying access to diverse networks and managing Web3 identities, thereby improving user convenience. Our focus extends beyond creating on-chain identities; we're passionate about empowering users to explore the digital world effortlessly with a single, universal identity.

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