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OneID, a unified, secure, and streamlined multichain identity management solution, serves as your universal passport to the digital world.

OneID and Krystal Join Forces to Simplify & Streamline User’s DeFi Journey

We are excited to announce that Krystal has integrated OneID’s Inspect SDK. Together, we are embarking on a journey to simplify the Web journey for our users at its best.
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OneID, a unified, secure, and streamlined multichain identity management solution, serves as your universal passport to the digital world.
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Published May 20 2024
Updated May 20 2024
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In a landmark collaboration, OneID and Krystal have come together to revolutionize the landscape of decentralized finance, aiming to provide users with a simplified and comprehensive DeFi experience. 

Krystal represents a catalyst for change in the DeFi space. It offers an inclusive and innovative platform, consolidating a multitude of DeFi services under one roof. From seamless token swaps to hassle-free portfolio management and secure lending options, Krystal stands as an embodiment of accessibility and user-centric design. The platform is dedicated to simplifying the complexities of DeFi, providing a frictionless user experience for both seasoned and novice users.

The partnership between OneID and Krystal heralds a remarkable collaboration set to elevate the DeFi experience for users. By integrating OneID's universal identity solution with Krystal's all-inclusive DeFi platform, users can expect an array of benefits and enhanced functionalities that aim to redefine the way individuals interact with decentralized finance.

As OneID and Krystal leverage our strengths, the vision for the future is clear—empowering users to navigate the complexities of DeFi effortlessly while ensuring security, convenience, and an inclusive experience for all. By joining forces, we intend to set an innovative standard for accessibility and user-centric design within the digital finance realm, with a shared commitment to enhancing the Web3 journey for individuals from all walks of life.

Explore and enjoy OneID utilities on Krystal

Firstly, users need to Set Primary Name for your ID to have it shown on

Set Primary Name will assign 1 of your IDs as your account representative & serve as your cross-platform #Web3 username & profile. Note that you can change the primary name whenever you want.

To Set Primary Name, you can follow the tutorials in this video or this document.

This is how OneID appears when users use Krystal. 

Get your own ID now and enjoy a seamless decentralized experience in the Web3 space with OneID and Krystal.

About Krystal

The best DApp for Liquidity Provisioning

Liquidity Provisioning on DEXes brings higher returns than any other DeFi activities. Yet it contains higher risks (e.g. Impermanent-Loss) and requires a higher entry bar for users to provide liquidity efficiently and earn money. Krystal is building convenient analytics and management tools to help users provide liquidity in the most efficient and profitable way.

About OneID

OneID is your universal identity to the digital world, offering a unified multichain identity across 90+ blockchains. In addition, our OneID SDK & API empowers developers to build on-chain identities with ease. We're committed to simplifying access to diverse networks and managing Web3 identities, thereby improving user convenience. Our focus extends beyond creating on-chain identities; we're passionate about empowering users to explore the digital world effortlessly with a single, universal identity.

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