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OneID, a unified, secure, and streamlined multichain identity management solution, serves as your universal passport to the digital world.

Introducing OneID: Your Universal Identity To The Digital World

The world of Web3 is rapidly evolving with a myriad of dApps and utilities. This makes decentralized identities an increasingly vital part of the user experience of immersely connecting in this space. After a long period of research and development, Ninety Eight are proud to introduce OneID - a comprehensive solution in our ecosystem that provides you with a unified multichain identity that unlocks infinite possibilities in the digital world.
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OneID, a unified, secure, and streamlined multichain identity management solution, serves as your universal passport to the digital world.
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Published Nov 01 2023
Updated Nov 08 2023
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With OneID, we do not simply create another ID aggregator, but we bring to the market the first universal name service solution to provide more seamless access to multiple blockchains, more unified experience, more secure and more efficient management.

Think of OneID as the DNA of each individual, symbolizing each person's presence regardless of their location. That's the essence of our OneID—offering a singular identity for a universal experience. Explore how OneID will provide you with an exceptional experience; you won't be disappointed!

OneID: The World's First Truly All-In-One Digital Identity Solution

Existing digital identity solutions can generally address some user needs, such as creating human-readable addresses and representing oneself in Web3. However, there are still some barriers that make the use of current name services suboptimal. OneID is here to provide you with the first on the world truly all-in-one experience digital identity solution. 


It is crucial to bear in mind that OneID is not a domain name service. OneID is a global digital identity solution with manifold applications and utilities for users that will expand exponentially in the future.

Upon registering your identity on OneID, you're not just claiming it on a single blockchain, you are asserting your digital sovereignty across all supported blockchains. In the long run, it will not only represent you across all blockchains, dApps, or the Web3 ecosystem in general. It will represent you anywhere. All you need is one ID by OneID.

This takes ownership of your digital identity to a whole new level. Moreover, for your best presence, we offer a vast array of ID name choices from generic to branded or community-driven names to best match with your unique identity. Besides .c98, some of DID options include: .bitcoin, .crypto, .hodl, .wagmi, etc. are coming. Explore yourself and pick whatever suits you.


With our cutting-edge procedure, you can streamline your digital identity management with a single click. Your ID will be connected to all supported blockchains, and you will never have to manually connect each address again. 

Additionally, your identity will automatically be linked to all new blockchains that will be added to the platform in the future.


With OneID, you now own a multichain identity that is connected to over 70 blockchains and more are on the way. The need to create and manage separate IDs for each blockchain is eliminated. 

The best is yet to come. We will not rest until OneID supports every blockchain in existence. We are committed to providing you with a seamless and the best possible experience.


OneID is built on the foundation of blockchain technology, ensuring that your digital identity is truly yours and yours alone. No central authority or third party can control or manipulate your identity. It is anchored in the immutable ledger of the blockchain, granting you complete sovereignty over your digital presence. 

Embrace the freedom and security of a decentralized identity with OneID.

Get Started with OneID

Step 1: Access to and search for the ID you want

Step 2: Add to cart your favorite ID(s) with the duration that you want

Step 3: Choose Order to start the registration process

Step 4: Follow the steps and then check your ID in “My ID screen”

You can also following the similar steps right on Coin98 Super Wallet

About OneID

OneID is your universal identity to the digital world, offering a unified multichain identity across 70+ blockchains. In addition, our OneID SDK & API empowers developers to build on-chain identities with ease. We're committed to simplifying access to diverse networks and managing Web3 identities, thereby improving user convenience. Our focus extends beyond creating on-chain identities; we're passionate about empowering users to explore the digital world effortlessly with a single, universal identity.

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