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OneID, a unified, secure, and streamlined multichain identity management solution, serves as your universal passport to the digital world.

OneID & GM Vietnam: Your Unique “.gmvn” Identity For The Future Together We Create

We are delighted to present a collaboration between OneID and GM Vietnam 2024 with the launch of “.gmvn” DID. This collaboration marks the beginning of a new chapter, bringing together 2 shared vision entities in creating the future of blockchain.
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OneID, a unified, secure, and streamlined multichain identity management solution, serves as your universal passport to the digital world.
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Published May 04 2024
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GM Vietnam is the most highly anticipated blockchain event for Vietnam in 2024, where you will find a vast network of industry leaders, from founders to developers, who will come together to explore the progress and innovation of this emerging market. Building upon the great success of GM Vietnam 2023, where the event welcomed over 6,000 participants, engaged 400+ partners, and hosted 80+ speakers, GM Vietnam 2024 promises to reignite your imagination and inspire innovative ideas once again.

OneID fully understands the mission and vision of GM Vietnam. As a comprehensive solution that provides users with a unified multichain identity, unlocking infinite possibilities in the digital world, OneID believes that collaborating with GM Vietnam is a well-founded step to bring both closer to our respective goals. Together, OneID and GM Vietnam will provide users with a convenient ecosystem, where all their interactions with digital currencies and gifting in Web3 become more user-friendly and streamlined.

The New DID: “.gmvn”

To embark on an exciting journey ahead together, we will soon release the new DID ".gmvn".

“.gmvn” DID’s Fee Structure

You will benefit from a 50% discount for a subscription starting from a 5 year period. On top of that, if users input your Referral code when registering for their IDs, they will get a 10% discount off the base price, and you will receive a commission worth 20% of the base price for the DID .gmvn.

IDs with “.gmvn” DID will soon be released on 

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Comprehensive Guide for .gmvn IDs

Visit for detailed information on:

How to register?
How to Link your ID to your wallet?
How to Set your ID as your Primary Name?
How to get Referral Link?

About GM Vietnam

GM Vietnam is a leading blockchain event aimed at fostering innovation, knowledge sharing, and networking opportunities within the Web3 community, co-hosted by Kyros Ventures, Ninety Eight and Ancient8. With its immersive agenda, top-notch speakers, and vibrant atmosphere, GM Vietnam is set to be the highlight event of 2024 in the blockchain industry.

Discover more: Website | X (Twitter) | Facebook | LinkedIn

For more information about GM Vietnam, ticket options, and registration, please visit the official event website at

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